Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Inspire Pro Parts Ways With Sammy Guevara

Guevara talked his way out of the J-Crown and possibly out of the wrestling business
Photo Credit: Kelly Kyle/Texas Anarchy
As reported on its website, Austin-based, National Wrestling Alliance-affiliated Inspire Pro Wrestling has cut ties with the ├╝ber-talented but immature and hot-headed Sammy Guevara. When I first saw the news on my Twitter feed, I wasn't too terribly surprised, but at the same time, from a storyline perspective, it made complete sense but brought to mind a whole slew of questions regarding the actions of several other members of the roster (within storyline terms). But once I found out more information, I wasn't sure if there was much to say beyond "Sammy, you're an idiot."

Now, the reasons that Sammy was "fired" (he isn't under contract with Inspire Pro, so it's more of a "not going to book him anymore" situation) are unknown, but from my limited research I found that it could have been comments he made following the death of River City Wrestling's announcer:

"See Aquaman much rather die then stay at RCW"

For those uninitiated, at the CLASH AT THE BASH event, he burned some bridges on that night, notably with River City Wrestling, another Central Texas independent promotion. I don't know the history there, but no matter what happened, some decorum is required in these type of matters.

If that is the reason, kudos to Inspire Pro for showing more integrity than most wrestling promotions would. Sammy Guevara is a GREAT wrestler. He has the kind of talent that could get him a look from WWE and there was at least a chance he could make a tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling given their working relationship with the NWA. He, sadly, is a piss poor professional. He has all the tools, just no head on his shoulders.

It just goes to show you that talent doesn't always trump all. Inspire Pro could have made some good money with Guevara down the road, but they upheld the statement that ring announcer Brandon Stroud always gives at the top of shows, that boils down to: be a decent human being.