Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kevin Steen Signs with WWE

It's happening, it's really happening
Photo via Preston City Wrestling's Twitter
Via WWE's Twitter

In a rare case of good things happening to good people, indie wrestling standout, Quebec native, and zoo enthusiast Kevin Steen has finally signed his WWE developmental contract and has reported to the Performance Center in Orlando, FL. The above picture leaked earlier this morning, but it was confirmed by WWE later on in the day. Steen is the third of the big rumored names to have confirmed signing with the company. He joins KENTA and Prince Devitt in Orlando as part of the next wave of potential future WWE superstars.

Steen's resume on the indies is impeccable. He is arguably Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's signature wrestler, and he's certainly the most interesting guy to have held the Ring of Honor World Championship in the last five years excepting MAYBE Jay Briscoe. He defines the term "all-rounder" in the ring; I would term him as the most versatile wrestler I've ever seen wrestle in any ring. His charisma is innate and off the charts, and if any wrestler toiling on the indie circuit would have fit in WWE's pantheon, it would have been Steen. Now, he will get his chance to prove he belongs. Hopefully, he won't have to wait until he hits the main roster to rekindle his lifelong love/hate relationship with one Sami Zayn, either.

I hope Steen is able to conquer NXT and then the WWE like he has every other place he's wrestled. He's got the talent to do it, and he seems like a good dude to boot. Here's to good luck and a good future for one of my favorite wrestlers ever to lace up the boots.