Wednesday, August 27, 2014

King of Trios to Be Devastating, Canadian

Graphics via @CHIKARAPro
Both announcements via @CHIKARAPro

So, Chikara has upped the pace on announcing teams for King of Trios this year, going seemingly every day with a new team. Neither of the latest two teams are all too surprising, but they are essential to the current main narrative. Yesterday's announced trio is also the first troika from The Flood to make entry into the tournament. Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive, and Flex Rumblecrunch, known collectively as Sidney Bakabella's Devastation Corporation, will HOSS their way into the tournament. The massive mountains of man have to be considered one of the favorites to win the whole thing. In fact, their fate in the tournament may be foreshadowing as to how long the current fight between Chikara and The Flood will last. If the Corp (or some other Flood-affiliated team) happens to win, the Chikaraverse could reasonably expect at least another year of all-out war. If a Flood team gets to the finals and loses to, say...

Graphics via @CHIKARAPro

...3Peck0, then maybe the season finale will see the biggest defeat of The Flood and the end of the threat to Chikara's very existence. Yes, Archibald Peck and the wily Canadian tag team of Shane Matthews and Scott Parker - 3.0 - are the latest team announced, and these three wrestlers also have to be considered a threat to win the whole thing. Peck will be making his second King of Trios appearance, and the first that was actually announced ahead of time. He teamed with Mihara and Tito Santana last year under the guise of the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger as a replacement for the Submission Squad. As for 3.0, their fourth appearance comes with a fourth partner. In 2007, they teamed with Maxime Boyer, 2011 with El Generico, and 2012 with Gran Akuma. Will the fourth partner be the charm?

King of Trios' lineup this year is shaping up to be another fine collection of teams, even before reaching the halfway point. The Devastation Corporation and 3Peck0 will join the teams already announced so far: The Spirit Squad, Spectral Envoy, Team UK, The Colony. Six teams are in, and ten more are to be announced. GET HYPE, CHIKARA FANS.