Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The First Trio Has Been Leaked

If the leak is right, these two will be headed back to the Chikaraverse
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Via Chikara101

For those who have been as impatient for news about King of Trios this year about who's actually going to compete, Tidal Championship Wrestling in England let slip the first entries into the tournament. Reported by Chikara 101 message board user cjb101, the team of Mark Andrews, Pete Dunne, and Damian Dunne will compete in the tournament. Andrews and Pete Dunne are no strangers to the Chikaraverse. They hit up Wrestling Is Cool during their excursion into America and had a tremendous main event match with the Osirian Portal. A rematch was announced but never happened, thanks to the splinter promotion having issues with its venues towards the end of 2013.

Of course, TCW doesn't have any mention of the leak on its Twitter, and I'm pretty sure the promotion wasn't supposed to drop the knowledge when it did. However, if this news is confirmed by Chikara, it indicates that this season won't completely be an in-house thing, and the guests that have made Trios a must-attend festival in years past will be present.

Speaking of confirmations, Chikara announced that the first trio will be unveiled tomorrow around lunchtime. Usually, the first announcement is a blockbuster, and I would imagine the inclusion of talent from perhaps the hottest wrestling scene in the world right now would qualify. And of course, since King of Trios to me is the biggest wrestling event of any given year, even bigger than WrestleMania, I will have complete coverage of every trio announced from here until the last first round matchup is set.