Thursday, August 21, 2014

The One Where I Talk About Spit

Oh man, one of the most awkward main events ever to cap off a completely ugh card
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What A Maneuver!! Episode 91: Something Foul Is Afoot

My maiden appearance on the most important wrestling podcast one can listen to, the What A Maneuver!! podcast, has finally been published, and it's all about Survivor Series '97. Of course, co-hosts Eric Allen and Joe Drilling get into the Montreal Screwjob with me, but so many other things happened on this show and none of them were good. We talk about how the Jackal may have been the best in-ring performer in a real live Survivor Series match, muse upon Steve Blackman's first ever promo and match, compare Steve Austin's rushing back to the ring with the current Daniel Bryan situation, and cover how awfully homophobic the WWF is at this time. This show goes on for a good long time, almost three hours, but every second is worth it.