Friday, August 8, 2014

The Polling Place: Bella/McMahon, Guardians of the Galaxy, English Wrestling

This build doin' it for you?
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Hello, and welcome to The Polling Place, where I give the referendums and you choose the best choice. First up, Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon have a match upcoming at SummerSlam, and unlike other women's matches in WWE history, it has been built with two straight overrun segments on RAW. The feud is drawing mixed reviews. Some fans and critics have praised the build, while others have been underwhelmed by it. Where do you stand?

Second, Guardians of the Galaxy has become the latest Marvel Studios film to garner both critical and financial praise, and the unlikely best part of the movie seems to be Drax the Destroyer, played by Batista. While this role is certainly not his first, so far it seems to be his best-received, which brings up the question, which wrestler role in a movie has been the best?

Finally, England has seemingly joined the United States, Japan, and Mexico as a heavyweight in the world wrestling scene, at least critically. However, can the scene across the pond make the jump in terms of commercial relevance? The ingredients seem to be there, and the country's promotions have the added bonus over New Japan and the lucha libre promotions in that English is the first language. Can an English promotion rise up and compete with WWE in America within the next decade or so?