Friday, August 15, 2014

The Polling Place: Grado/Abyss, SummerSlam, Fantasy Football

Is the MONSTER a good enough replacement for Grado?
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Welcome to the Polling Place, where I lay the choices down and you pick one per poll. First up on the docket, Scottish comedic wrestling icon Grado was supposed to make his American debut for Absolute Intense Wrestling in September, but TNA swooped in and booked him from under the Cleveland indie's nose. However, as a makegood for taking the centerpiece of AIW's early fall tripleshot, TNA has offered the services of Abyss for the middle of the three dates. My question to you, which one would you rather see?

Second, SummerSlam is Sunday, and the unquestioned biggest match on the card is the rematch from Extreme Rules 2012, as John Cena defends the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Brock Lesnar. The rest of the card looks solid, but one could make a case for at least five matches as being the second most important one on the show. After the main event, which match holds the most importance?

Finally, the football preseason is here again, which means fantasy football drafts are happening all around the country. The fantasy game has gone from niche thing that dorks do to an almost universal side hobby for fans across the country and world. As for the top player, the field seems narrowed down among three running backs. However, some leagues have quarterback-friendly scoring, and still others might reward going for the best wide receiver available overall. Whom would you select if you had the first overall pick in your fantasy draft?