Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Chicken Crumbs

In my estimation, The Miz might be one of the few guys that I would call "underrated" without any trepidation. People in the biz like to trash him. He gets overwhelming hate on Twitter during any time he's on camera on RAW. Yet, the dude is one of the classic smarmy heels who has the ability to get under fans' skin with a conviction that not many wrestlers around today can attain. Right now, he's building his newest run upon a foundation that actually lacks any kind of passion, yet he kills it as a Hollywood phony just as much as he did during his "Haters Welcome" run between the breakup of his tag team with John Morrison through the dissolution of the Awesome Truth. The pinnacle of that run came one night on RAW when he, as the United States Champion, decided he'd give everyone, including his then-feud rival MVP, a little history lesson. It still gives me shivers just remembering it.