Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throwback Thursday: "Not to Be Confused with the Clothing Line"

The night Extreme Championship Wrestling invaded RAW was one of my favorite nights in the show's history. It encapsulated the unpredictability of wrestling, and seeing the stars of my favorite promotion at the time invading the biggest show in the world (at least to my young eyes that loved the WWF more than WCW) was surreal and just plain cool. The best moment, however, came when the Blue World Order made its presence felt. Big Stevie Cool took on Little Guido in a short match that was more notable for the extracurricular stuff. Paul Heyman went on commentary and offered Vince McMahon a job in ECW if this WWF thing didn't pan out for him. McMahon was at his cornball goofy best shilling for La Femme Nikita and accidentally calling Big Stevie "Stevie Ray." Goldust was shown watching the match on a monitor, and McMahon tried talking to him about everything BUT the match in the ring, and of course, Jerry Lawler did his best to run the promotion down as he was feuding with them at the time. Some cringeworthy moments took place in terms of people talking about Goldust's sexuality, but hey, where else could you her pre-Mr. McMahon Vince talking about the nWo, but only as a clothing line?