Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wrestling Six Packs: Constructing a Stable for The Miz

The Miz with a stable would be a glorious thing. A glorious, glorious thing.
Photo Credit: WWE.com
The Miz is undoubtedly one of the most polarizing figures in WWE history to put it kindly. However, despite the reaction he gets among the smarter circles of Internet discourse, he remains a character who seems to put in every bit of effort he can into his character and gets a proportionate reaction when that character gets attention from WWE Creative. (Read, when he's a heel.) Right now, Miz is in a sweet spot; he just lost the Intercontinental Championship, and despite his feud with Dolph Ziggler looking like it might continue, I believe he's ready to get the call back into the main event. How can he get there, one might ask? Through the magic of a strong stable, that's how. Miz more than anyone can carry a stable because his character - the pompous Hollywood asshole - is built do have hangers-on and ancillary satellite players gravitating around him. The following would be the members of his entourage if I had anything to say about it.

1. The Star (The Miz, duh)

Obviously, Miz would be at the head of his own stable. If he's going to delude himself and continue to be at the center of his own universe, he needs to have that universe be populated. One could make the argument that Miz's lack of cronies or lackeys fits the reality of his narrative. He's a J-list, straight-to-DVD star who thinks his shit smells like an expensive eau de toilette, which is not really the kind of look that attracts friends or fans. But then again, have you been on the Internet lately? Reality television contestants who get eliminated within the first hour of their show's existence have fans and can glean some kind of celebrity together. Miz having an entourage makes complete sense, and it helps give several wrestlers who either are directionless on the main roster or who need an avenue to make the jump from NXT to RAW a safe place to land.

2. The Life Coach (Bo Dallas)

Dallas' motivational character may or may not have a lot of life left as it is, but if it had any logical evolution, it would be to segue into being someone's personal inspiration. The Miz WOULD be the kind of wrestler who'd have a life coach getting him through the day, a glorified yes man who would tell him everything he's doing is wonderful. Pairing Dallas with Miz would inject much needed life into the character, and the prospect for tag team and trios matches would give Dallas plenty of time to season without leaving him on an island.

3. The Bodyguard (Ryback)

Truth be told, a gig as a cocky heel's bodyguard is a great way for Ryback to rehabilitate himself as well. The Big Guy has been done dirtier than motocross course after a heavy rainfall by WWE Creative. Making him the Diesel to Miz's Shawn Michaels would give him a hell of a spotlight. In the ring, he could be Miz's primary gatekeeper and monolithic enforcer in tags and trios matches. As a manager, he provides an excellent imposition and ultimate weapon that could put down even the most fearsome non-Brock Lesnar opponents. Out of the ring, Ryback's sardonic and quick wit would provide for some amusing banter between him and either Miz, other various stablemembers, or random interlopers. He could also fill in as a bouncer outside of Miz-hosted club events during vignettes. Ryback is such a perfect fit for Miz's bodyguard that I'm pissed he isn't there already.

4. The Legal Counsel (David Otunga)

Otunga's still on the roster, and a gig as Miz's lawyer is perfect for him. He doesn't have to be around all the time, and he also doesn't have to wrestle at all to be effective in his role. Out of the ring, he's an entertaining promo, but inside of it, well, even if he did improve towards the end of his active run, he was still not that good. Having him act as Miz's lawyer would keep him in the minds of WWE fans, allow someone serve in that role who has some bona fides, and if the situation ever arose where WWE set up some good, old-fashioned physical catharsis against someone in the legal industry, Otunga could be there to take a bump or two.

5. The Superfan (Bayley)

Right now, Bayley is a bubbly babyface in NXT with a character that values friendship over everything else. Geeking out over a celebrity to the point of nearly stalking them fits her to a tee, and it is a valid and effective evolution to that current persona she wields. She wouldn't even need to turn heel to fit into the stable in her role; Miz can even strengthen her connection with the fans by brushing her off, most of the time and stringing her along just enough so that she can further his agenda without her even knowing what she's doing. She would provide a strong presence for the stable in the Divas division as well. The only pause I have about including her, specifically, in the stable is the temptation to sexualize her relationship with Miz. I wouldn't trust WWE Creative to write that kind of relationship, but on a theoretical level, I believe it would be the best fit.

6. The Understudy/Eventual Usurper (Tyler Breeze)

Every story needs an end, and every stable needs a logical conclusion. Breeze already takes shots at Miz on Twitter, but him as the star in waiting within the stable makes so much sense. He's already getting his seasoning in the main event in NXT, so he'll be prepared to make that transition when he makes the main roster. He's just similar enough to Miz while having enough differences embedded within his character that would make so many different stories work. Just as the rise and reign of Miz's stable would create at least one if not two big time stars for WWE, the end of it would create a third in Breeze. Booking for the future while reaping rewards in the present doesn't seem all too hard in theory at least.