Thursday, September 4, 2014

TWB Retro Live Tweet Recap: In Your House Canadian Stampede

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Last night, a cozy but courageous group of TWB readers and Twitterers gathered to watch the first consensus WWE pay-per-view event to be considered perfect. The band of babblers enjoyed a show with four stellar matches, including an opener that spilled into the arena and continued as a post-match brawl for over half the event. Triple H and Mankind put in another installment in a vicious feud that spanned five years. TAKA Michinoku and Great Sasuke overcame relative newness to the company and the announcers butchering the latter's name in an attempt to steal the show. Vader and Undertaker had perhaps the best match that could have been considered the least good match on the show. And the main event? Damn, the main event was so hot that it made the cameras shake. Watching the event was enjoyable enough, but your tweets? Those missives enhanced the experience even better, and they are following:

Same wavelength?

I usually don't link to my own tweets, but Rob forgot the hash tag on his amazingly astute observation there.

...meanwhile, back at the ranch.

Didn't know Taker killed a man in prison...

It's true! The lull in tweets was pretty telling.

I did see Nattie towards the end, for what it's worth.

Thanks again for everyone who came out and tweeted. Check back to the Tweets next month when I'll either have an EXTREME show to watch or a selection from TBS' bread and butter.