Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Daniel Bryan YES!es the Bay Area

YES! YES! Wait, the Giants? NO! NO!
Photo via MLB Fan Cave via With Spandex
Forgive me for not paying attention too much to this year's baseball season, but at some point during the campaign, the San Francisco Giants co-opted the infamous "YES!" chants pioneered by one Daniel Bryan. So of course, for extra good luck, the team brought in the injured former WWE Champion to help close out its National League Divisional Series matchup against the Washington Nationals. While the crowd at AT&T Park was not the largest one he's ever led in one of his signature chants (WrestleMania XXX, hello), it certainly was the most high-profile in terms of mainstream appeal. I'm absolutely stunned WWE didn't work in some kind of segment about its injured star leading a chorus at another sporting event. Then again, the Giants ended up losing the game anyway, so I imagine that once Bryan is healthy and back battling The Authority, Triple H will coolly and wittily remind him that his YES! chants couldn't help the Giants win and that's why he's forever a B+ player. Sorry, I didn't mean for that to come out that snarkily. Anyway, below is video!