Monday, October 20, 2014

UT Supports UT

Photo via @QCosby17

After years of employer mandated reclusion thanks to a gimmick that required fans to believe he was a legitimate zombie automaton controlled by ashes in an urn, Undertaker has been turning up in the wild with astounding frequency in the last year or so. Just about a month ago, he participated in a fun run in Austin with Brandon Stroud, and yesterday, he was in attendance for the University of Texas' thrilling last-second win over Iowa State. Either the man is *this* close to retirement, or even he knows that the old kayfabe is dead and no one really needs to believe he's a shoot-zombie anymore. Then again, that illusion went out the window first when he came back as a biker, and second when he asked everyone to believe that he was super-serious about being a MMA-tapout artist with STRATS and FORMS.

Taker isn't the only WWE employee who's a booster of the Texas Longhorns. Michael Cole has taken to rooting for the team, although it's unknown whether his affectations for the team were the result of a troll on Jim Ross. More importantly, Mark Henry is a diehard Longhorn fan, which is understandable since he's from the state. With Taker and Henry on the team's side, one would think that the team wouldn't need a last minute field goal to beat Iowa State or be struggling at 3-4 right now. I guess no one can fix the mess that Texas has gotten itself into. Still, seeing Taker out in the wild like this after years of seclusion is still both weird and cool.