Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WWE Gives a Look Inside the Tryout Process

Jason Shirley, former NFL player, Wu-Tang enthusiast, WWE prospect
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Wrestling traditionally has been a secretive, carny business. The only thing fans saw was what the promoters presented as the finished product. That facade of kayfabe has been eroded over the last three decades to the point where WWE has pulled the curtain back entirely in certain aspects. Tough Enough was the first peek, although no reality show is fully reality. However, the company just dropped an unadulterated, slightly filtered look into the tryout process.

The photo gallery above and the video below are the first that the company has given into its selection process. Even though no one has been selected just yet, the actual wringer which the prospective trainees are put through is revealed, if slightly. A few things to note, first Rich Swann and one-half of my favorite tag team that I've only ever seen once, Asylum of the Flatliners, are the indie guys of note. Second, Swann's featured prominently, which bodes well for him getting a call in the next few months. Third, former NFL defensive lineman Jason Shirley's shirt may be the best thing ever worn to a prospective job interview ever. In a related note, RIP Ol' Dirty Bastard. Never forget.

Anyway, the Swann emphasis aside, I'm not sure how much can be gleaned from this look inside the Performance Center, but it's still somewhat unprecedented to get a look this far inside the curtain. Even if kayfabe-breaking isn't your thing, it's still somewhat surreal.