Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Your Daily Chikara Guest Spot in a Rap Video

Silver and Fire Ants were two of the five Chikara wrestlers lending a hand to a local rap outfit
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
In case any of you out there were wondering how well Chikara and hard-edge rap videos go together, well, Philadelphia hip-hop outfit Army of the Pharaohs has an answer for you in the form of the video for its newest single, "Terrorstorm." In addition to the group dropping rhymes against a pretty dope beat, five Chikara tecnicos - Fire Ant, Silver Ant, Ophidian, Amasis, and Hallowicked (who at one point was deviously stroking a French bulldog, Ernst Stavro Blofeld-style, Mantis would be proud) - served as the opponents for the troupe's wrestler alter-egos. Be forewarned, the lyrical content is decidedly not family friendly, which is a departure from the normally curse-free environs in which these wrestlers work. However, the song is really cool and the visuals enhancing it are well done. Check it out.