Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Icarus. Deucalion. Jakob? Your Tomorrow Never Dies Update

Will Deucalion, center, send Icarus to a grisly end?
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
December 6 at the 2300 (formerly ECW) Arena in Philadelphia, Chikara's landmark 14th season will come to a close, and the assumed last match on the show has been set. Icarus, the current Grand Champion, will engage in a final showdown with the Flood's mammoth and seemingly invincible leader, Deucalion. Because Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush has instituted a points system for contention, the title will not be on the line; Deucalion has not wrestled a singles match yet, and in fact he only made his in-ring debut at the show in Haverhill, MA this past Saturday. Just because the gold isn't on the line, however, doesn't mean the stakes aren't crucially high.

Deucalion's carnage has been steady and severe ever since he made himself known at the premiere in Easton in May. He's since taken out many combatants in this war for Chikara's soul on both sides. Kobald, Estonian Thunder Frog, Archibald Peck, deviANT, and a good portion of the Greenhorn Militia all have met their ends at the knee of Deucalion's chokebreaker. The most recent victim came in Haverhill, when Deucalion made his in-ring debut alongside the Gekido, Volgar, and Jimmy Jacobs against the combined forces of the Spectral Envoy and the Batiri. After the match, Deucalion tried putting Frightmare on ice, when 17 of all people made the save. Apparently, 17 had been stumping for Frightmare to join the Flood for awhile, and of course, he couldn't very well join if he was, well, dead. While the Gekido's leader got away, the subgroup was punished when The Shard ate the chokebreaker as penance for his cohort's insolence.

Despite everyone running afoul of the Titan of Titor meeting a gruesome end, Icarus still wants this battle. Perhaps for the first time in his career, his name will provide clues as to his fate. The Greek mythological version of Icarus had a chance to escape from the labyrinth using wings he and his father made, but he flew too close to the Sun, melting the binding wax and causing him to lose flight and meet his demise below. Challenging Deucalion may be as tempting as flying as close to the Sun as one can get, and not even the mighty Thunder Frog, a minor deity of Eastern Europe, could escape the cold grip of the Titan's hand.

In other news, the first captain for Cibernetico Royale has been named. The Flood's eight will be led by none other than Jakob Hammermeier, the prodigal son whose return was made known at King of Trios when he removed the Dr. Cube mask and revealed his possession of the Eye of Tyr. The mystical artifact, which was at the heart of promotion's main story in seasons nine and ten, is perhaps the most powerful item one could possess. Additionally, Hammermeier seems to be fortifying the BDK subgroup's ranks with former members. Although Tursas and Ares both were jettisoned, Hammermeier has added former member Pinkie "Pink Ant" Sanchez to the fold. He was under the Haack hood until this past weekend, which begs the question on who could be wearing the Slaash mask. Even if the Flood subsides after December 6, I get the sinking suspicion that the resurrected BDK could be sticking around for the long haul.

Of course, Cibernetico and the suspected main event will join Heidi Lovelace's battle against Missile Assault Ant for the Young Lions' Cup.

All in all, I'm getting supremely tense over what might occur at Tomorrow Never Dies. Additionally, I spoke to senior official and most decorated guest in The Wrestling Podcast history Bryce Remsburg at the latest Wrestling Is Fun! event, and he only said that I "should make it a point to be there." Whenever he makes that cryptic statement, things go down, whether it be the untimely closure at the Trocadero at Aniversario: Never Compromise, or the dramatic rebirth at this year's National Pro Wrestling Day. Hold onto your posteriors, Chikara fans.