Monday, November 10, 2014

TH's Fair to Flair Archive

One of my many subjects at Fair to Flair
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Wrestling writing hardly inspires the kinds of statements generated for praising longform journalism or prestige writing on subjects that are considered less lowbrow by modern American society. Outside of a few examples trying to raise the discourse, wrestling writers generally fall into two categories, dirtsheet writers who affix star ratings to matches and obsess over dollars and cents or dick joke blogger-types like myself. Once upon a time, however, Sawyer Paul (before he got the K out), Jason Mann, my blogging Brohemian PizzaBodySlam, and Razor of Kick-Out!! Wrestling fame got the idea to band together and raise the game on wrestling writing. Fair to Flair was the project that was to have three prongs: a published quarterly, a monthly compendium podcast, and a regularly-updated blog for everyday writing. The aim was simple; the quartet set out to evolve wrestling writing so that the rumors and jokes weren't the only options one had when reading about pro graps. I joined the party a few months into it, and my contributions to the site were numerous. If you're a longtime reader of TWB, you remember the links each time they went up.

Anyway, Fair to Flair was a concept ahead of its time, noted by the sheer fact that no one has seemingly tried to emulate Paul's vision for the site since the sites untimely cessation of posting at the end of 2011. Since no one else is doing it, why not revisit the site and what it has to offer, or at least, what I had to offer it when I wrote there. Make time for an old friend today and read some of what I had to write back before I became gnarled and jaded by time, circumstance, and CM Punk. Some of the posts may be dated, others are evergreen, but I hope you find them worth reading. Note, if you want to delve into the whole archive, follow this link, but be cautioned that the hyperlinks on the page are dead. You'll need to manipulate them by putting ".tumblr" between the "fairtoflair" and the ".com" if you want to get directly from the source. Also, the podcast links may be dead, so if you wanted to listen to audio, you may be out of luck.