Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Your Midweek Links: Happy Turkey Eve!

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It's hump day, so here are some links to get you through the rest of the week:

Wrestling Links:

- 15 Wrestlers We're Most Thankful For [Wrestledelphia]

- The Best and Worst of Survivor Series [With Spandex]

- What Did We Learn from Survivor Series? [SB Nation]

- WWE Survivor Series: Sting? WTF! [Grantland]

- Bang for Your Buck PPV Review: Survivor Series [Juice Make Sugar]

- Survivor Series and the Trouble with Middles [False Underdog]

- Has a Dive Through the Ropes Lost Its Luster? [4CR Wrestling]

- Bret Hart on the Montreal Screwjob: "I Would Have Choked Shawn Out" [Deadspin]

- How Hiroshi Tanahashi Saved New Japan from Itself [Cewsh Reviews]

- The Best and Worst of RAW: May I Lose Your Attention, Please [With Spandex]

- Ringside Cinema: Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies [Old School Jabronis]

- The Shield and Wyatt Beef Was Very Real According to Bray Wyatt [Wrassle Rap]

- The Future Is Now: Q&A with Seth Rollins [Grantland]

- The Eight Most Devastating Celebrity Finishing Moves [Clickhole]

- The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow [With Spandex]

- The Future Is Coming, and Its Name Is Kevin Owens [Wrassle Rap]

- Wrestling in the Clinton Years: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye [4CR Wrestling]

- The Depths of Mania: WrestleMania VII Review [Voices of Wrestling]

Non-Wrestling Links:

- Thanksgiving Sides, Ranked [Rankings]

- Map: Every State's Most Distinctive Thanksgiving Recipe [Foodspin]

- Chrissy Teigen Has a Thanksgiving Turkey Manifesto [Domesticity]

- This Coffee Milk Stout Is the Pride of New England [The Concourse]

- How to Make Potatoes Au Gratin, a Step Beyond Good Ol' Mashed Potatoes [Foodspin]

- What Did RGIII Say That Peyton Manning Hasn't Said? [Deadspin]

- It's Time for the NFL to Ban Cheerleaders [VICE Sports]

- The Bills Should Pay People to Dig Their City Out, Not Their Stadium [The Vane]

- Monday Morning Jerkface, Week 12 [The Footbawl Blog]

- The 15 Worst Owners in Sports [Rolling Stone]

- End Fraternities [Gawker]

- Camille Cosby and the Problem with Asking "Why Did She Stay?" [Jezebel]

- Stop Asking if College Teams Can Beat the Philadelphia 76ers, Please [Hardwood Paroxysm]

- Ten Things You Didn't Know about the Malice at the Palace [With Leather]

- Fightball Is Not a Fight, but It Does Have Balls [VICE Sports]

- The Ten Greatest and Weirdest JFK Assassination Theories [io9]

- The Best Sideshow Bob Episodes of The Simpsons, Ranked [Warming Glow]

- How Charlie's Relationship with The Waitress Should End on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia [Warming Glow]