Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Your Midweek Links: Lucha, RAJETT, and Marvel Phase Three

Flashing back to when she was a queen of the ring
Photo Credit: Kelly Kyle/Kelly Kyle Photography
It's hump day, so here are some links to get you through the rest of the week:

Wrestling Links:

- The Best and Worst of RAW: Actually Renee, It's About Ethics in Wrestling Journalism [With Spandex]

- How the WWE Lost Its Championship but Found Its Way [Grantland]

- Lucha Underground! [TJR Wrestling]

- Ring Belles Retro: Rachel and Jessica Being Awesome [Ring Belles]

- The Depths of Mania: WrestleMania III Review [Voices of Wrestling]

- The Six Most Disastrous Gimmick Matches in Wrestling History [Cracked]

- Wrestling in the Clinton Years: A Particularly Aggressive Marshmallow [4CR Wrestling]

- It's Clobberin' Time: Nightmare Pro Wrestling [Old School Jabronis]

- Seven Things: Most Asinine Things Michael Elgin Has Said [Wrestling on Earth]

Non-Wrestling Links:

- A Movie-by-Movie Guide of Marvel's Phase Three, from Civil War to Infinity Wars [Grantland]

- Six Obscure but Believable Game of Thrones Theories [spoilers, obvs, clicker beware] [Dorkly]

- Vince Lombardi Isn't Who You Think He Is [VICE Sports]

- Monday Morning Jerkface, Week 9 [The Footbawl Blog]

- No Love for Marshall [Underdog Dynasty]

- Jimbo Fisher Is a Whimpering Penis [Deadspin]

- 11 Intriguing Ways World War I Could Have Turned Out [io9]

- MLB Playoffs: Five Things We Learned This Season [Grantland]

- Let's All Applaud This Girl Who Dressed up as the Swiss Cheese Pervert for Halloween [UPROXX]

- GamerGate Is Dead [The Verge]

- The First internet Troll [Gizmodo]

- Reader to Columnist: I Used to Want to Be with You, but You Got Fat [Jezebel]

- Pokemon You Didn't Realize Were Based Off Actual Things [Dorkly]

- Pokemon's Famous Missingno Glitch, Explained [Kotaku]

- Michael del Zotto and Lisa Ann: ZOMG [Broad Street Hockey]

- The Red Hot Chili Peppers Almost Became a Punk Band, and Nine Other Things about the California Funk Legends [UPROXX]

- How to Roast Mushrooms: A Guide for Fraidy-Cats [Foodspin]

- Restaurant Mocks Trendy Restaurants by Dressing up as One [Kitchenette]