Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome to the Wasteland, Russell Wilson

.gif via @PhilaBCoulter

Yesterday's NFL Championship Weekend action had quite a bit of wrestling attached to it. Sergio Brown's antics drew Ric Flair to the Colts' sideline, although his support didn't help the team at all against the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. The NFC Championship game actually had a few wrestling moves performed on-field. At one point, a Seahawk player delivered a German suplex to a Packer ballcarrier, but the most visceral shot came when Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson heaved a ball across his body downfield for a well-covered Jermaine Kearse. The ball was picked off by Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix, but the real wrestling-infusion came on the return, when Sean Richardson and Clay Matthews teamed up to deliver THE FALL OF MAN on Wilson.

Of course, the double-team hit looked a lot more like The Ascension's finish in real time rather than in slow motion, where it looks more like Richardson is tapping Wilson and Matthews is going full MISAWA with that elbow to the dome. Also, most importantly, unlike most of the Ascension's victims, Wilson didn't know it was coming, so it was more dangerous to take and thus a dirty hit. Matthews was flagged, and rightly so. WWE tells its audience not to do these moves at home for good reason. But anyway, I find a Seahawk taking the finishing move of a tag team whose gimmick is steeped in Illuminati imagery appropriate. Maybe the shadow group was trying to shut head coach Pete Carroll up about his conspiracy theories about 9/11?