Monday, February 16, 2015

Cesaro's Twitter Taken Over by Whiny Wrestling Fan

Cesaro's the latest wrestler to have his social media commandeered
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One week after Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber got their naughty bits involuntarily plastered all over Twitter for a few minutes before the beginning of RAW, another WWE superstar got his Twitter "hacked" early this morning in a much more innocuous but still frightening manner. An unnamed wrestling fan somehow figured out Cesaro's Twitter password and posted a string of complaints about WWE, death-wishes towards Vince McMahon, and exhortations to push the man whose account the assailant hijacked. You can look at a partial transcript of the now-deleted Tweets behind the jump.
Screen Grabs via @PhilaBCoulter
The full slate of Tweets can be found at With Spandex.

On the surface, this attempt at hacking appears playful and "righteous" in terms of coming to the aid of wrestlers who are at the mercy of an out-of-touch auteur and his incompetent booking staff. Of course, it's also the most "smark" thing anyone could do. You get control of a wrestler's Twitter just to use it as a signal boost for your complaints towards WWE? That seems to be a pathetic use of hacking skills.

But a hack is a hack. A person's Twitter feed is a person's proprietary feed of free expression. Just because the hacker this time didn't use it to post personal and private pictures doesn't make it any less shitty a thing to do, especially over something as trivial as wrestling booking. Wrestling booking. Seriously, you're not hacking the NSA or leaking details that could bring rapists to justice. You're just taking something that doesn't belong to you for your own selfish desires. Plus, the fucked up way which Vince McMahon seems to understand or misunderstand technology might lead him to punishing Cesaro, so hey, way to make your shitty attempt at intellectual theft really count.

Anyway, I look forward to next week's hacking scandal, in which someone will probably commandeer Sasha Banks' Tumblr and post a bunch of men's rights literature and pictures of atheists in fedoras stroking their neckbeards screaming oppression. I'm no Luddite, and I don't think technology is bad, but I do think people who manipulate technology to do shit like this are pretty low on the evolutionary scale. Next time you think about doing something like this, please don't.