Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Who To Know for the TWB 100: Danny Cannon

Danny Cannon had a high-energy 2014, and you should take notice of it
Photo via Pro Fight DB
Another year is in the books, so another round of evaluating and ranking wrestlers is looming on the horizon. The TWB 100 will be happening again this year, and while the announcement will not come until the first or second week of March, it doesn't mean you don't have to worry about your ballot until then. Perhaps you feel secure in your ballot right now, but odds are, wrestlers exist who are off your radar that could use a little studying up upon. I am here to help you with your homework in that department.

Wrestler: Danny Cannon

Who Is He?: Cannon burst into the national consciousness in 2014, but before then, he was a mainstay in the Mid-South/Midwest scenes, primarily in IWA Mid-South and the like. He got a shot to run in Beyond Wrestling in February, making the most of it by wowing the crowd at two secret shows on Feeding Frenzy weekend as well as a four-way at the main Fete card. He unfortunately got injured after that, and has since retired from wrestling sadly. However, he has teased coming back at some points, so never say never for the future.

What's His Deal?: Cannon is a high-energy wrestler who has nearly unlimited stores of energy that manifests itself not only in actual wrestling, but in constant nervous movements while he's not engaged. He takes big high spots, bumps huge, and loves to throw fast, stiff kicks. He will tire his opponent out before he tires himself out, and his matches more often than not are high intensity and high excitement.

Why You Should Consider Him For Your Ballot: Cannon definitely may not be for everyone, but I think his take on wrestling is not only exciting but different. He may not sell in traditional ways, but the way his character is set up isn't necessarily built for traditional wrestling. He's like an energy drink in human form, and that makes for some electrifying things that always seem to have context, even if that context is nontraditional. His work at the Feeding Frenzy secret shows is enough to get him noticed, but he has some gems on YouTube from IWA Mid-South and Evolution Pro Wrestling that will hammer the point home that he's not only someone who should be watched and ranked, but appreciated, especially since his career right now seems to be unfortunately over.

Matches to Watch:

vs. Reed Bentley, Evolution Pro Wrestling Crossing State Lines, 1/4

vs. Jay Freddie, Beyond Wrestling Feeding Frenzy Secret Show #1, 2/14

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