Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Who To Know for the TWB 100: "Dirty" Andy Dalton

Dalton was deliciously dirty and deserves some love for his 2014 campaign
Photo Credit: Kelly Kyle
Another year is in the books, so another round of evaluating and ranking wrestlers is looming on the horizon. The TWB 100 will be happening again this year, and while the announcement will not come until the first or second week of March, it doesn't mean you don't have to worry about your ballot until then. Perhaps you feel secure in your ballot right now, but odds are, wrestlers exist who are off your radar that could use a little studying up upon. I am here to help you with your homework in that department.

Wrestler: "Dirty" Andy Dalton

Who Is He?: Dalton is a nearly ten-year vet who has spent the lion's share of his career in Texas. In the last couple of years, he's been a mainstay in the Austin scene, working for promotions like Anarchy Championship Wrestling, Inspire Pro Wrestling, and other various NWA affiliates in Texas and Louisiana. He's mostly been relegated to midcards and tags, but he's gotten a chance to run with the ball in Inspire Pro, where he currently holds the top title.

What's His Deal?: Dalton is basically every sleazy trope about wrestlers rolled into one grimy gimmick with the backhanded, heel tactics in the ring to back it up. Few wrestlers own wanting to get booed on the indies the way Dalton does, and it usually enhances his matches by a couple of degrees. He takes a few bumps, and he's not afraid to live up to his nickname to the nth degree.

Why You Should Consider Him For Your Ballot: While the NFL quarterback that shares his name is deliciously mediocre (and yet similarly ginger), Dalton has excelled playing the slimy, grimy, top big bad in Inspire Pro Wrestling. While his feats before and after the bell played a large part in that, his work inside the ring has been nothing short of sleazy excellence. What other wrestler is willing to lick the bottom of his own boot before kicking his opponent? Dalton even got a stellar singles match out of Icarus, whose run as a solo star up to BATTLE WARS was checkered at best.

Matches to Watch:
vs. Vordell Walker, NWA Bayou Independent Wrestling, 7/11

vs. Ricky Starks, Inspire Pro Ecstasy of Gold, 1/5 (skip to 2:04 for the Dalton/Starks match, or watch the whole show why don'tcha)

Previous Entries: Timothy Thatcher, Heidi Lovelace, Vordell Walker