Friday, February 13, 2015

Who To Know for the TWB 100: Vordell Walker

Walker's still going strong and still deserves your attention
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Another year is in the books, so another round of evaluating and ranking wrestlers is looming on the horizon. The TWB 100 will be happening again this year, and while the announcement will not come until the first or second week of March, it doesn't mean you don't have to worry about your ballot until then. Perhaps you feel secure in your ballot right now, but odds are, wrestlers exist who are off your radar that could use a little studying up upon. I am here to help you with your homework in that department.

Wrestler: Vordell Walker

Who Is He?: You might already know Walker from way back in the day, as he's worked for Combat Zone Wrestling, TNA, Full Impact Pro, and Ring of Honor before. In fact, he teamed up with Bryan Danielson and Samoa Joe in the ROH trios tournament way back in 2005. He hasn't retired from wrestling or dropped off the face of the earth, but rather he's been working the Southern United States in Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. He's also appeared on WWE television as a random security guard tasked with keeping Dean Ambrose contained in the boiler room.

What's His Deal?: Walker is a HOSS, a big guy who knows how to use his size to project a character. He's also a proficient mat grappler when the match calls for it, making him a versatile plug that can handle nearly any opponent. He's also one of the most charismatic in-match workers, as he's not afraid to talk shit and has some of the best facial expressions.

Why You Should Consider Him For Your Ballot: Vordell Walker is the definition of a journeyman, but in wrestling, that term doesn't nor should it carry the negative connotation that it does. While he's not wrestling in the name indies, Walker is still out bringing familiarity and a known quantity of quality to whatever card he appears upon. He dragged an exciting match out of Jesse goddamn Neal for crying out loud. He may require you to work YouTube and search out his best stuff, but you'll be rewarded for doing so.

Matches to Watch:

vs. Jesse Neal, Hardcore Falls Count Anywhere match, USA Pro 20th Anniversary Show, 2/1

vs. Cedric Alexander, WrestleForce Meltdown, 6/29

Previous Entries: Timothy Thatcher, Heidi Lovelace