Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Global Force Wrestling Is Real, but Will It Be Spectacular?

You can join the force this summer
Graphics via Global Force Wrestling website
Big news dropped from the Global Force Wrestling camp as the group has confirmed that it is not just aiming to be the highest-profile tape-traders in the world (credit to Sawyer Paul for that one). The following video has confirmed that it will begin running shows this summer in Las Vegas:

Of course, the video doesn't say when or where exactly the shows will take place. No talent roster has been announced either. Basically, it provides the barest of bare-bones information, but it is a start, a confirmation at least. Of course, GFW made its soft debut when it was the official distributor of New Japan Pro Wrestling's WrestleKingdom 9 in the States, and the promotion has spent the last year since its inception partnering with various companies around the globe. The stakes are going to be pretty high when the shows actually happen, but no one can accuse Jeff Jarrett of NOT doing his homework this time.

WWE's current direction might cast a depressing pall on the wrestling scene, but it feels like an exciting time in the industry right now. NJPW is leeching into the American consciousness. Ring of Honor may be getting full, national television distribution instead of this scattershot syndication via Sinclair. Lucha Underground is picking up steam. NXT continues to kill it each week. The indies continue to maintain their collective ecosystem even in spite of WWE poaching its best and brightest. WWE may be the biggest game in town, but the buffet of wrestling that exists a step below the megacorporate scene is growing more and more diverse and exciting. GFW may not and probably should not try to compete with WWE at this point. Rather, its scope should probably be to contend for the leader's position in the vibrant pool that isn't WWE's main roster right now. As more details emerge, GFW's intentions will become clearer. Until then, all anyone has is a video confirming proof of life, which at this stage of the game, is big enough news on its own.