Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Stone Cold Day!

Happy Stone Cold Day, and that's the bottom line
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Steve Austin may not have made his breakthrough in WWE on March 16, but that promo he cut at the end of his King of the Ring victory in 1996 correlates on the calendar to today's date, Austin 3:16 to the numerical equivalent on the calendar, 3/16 (for those in locales that write out the date month/day instead of day/month, but for those sorry places, no equivalent exists, since June only has 30 days). Today is what many people have deemed "Stone Cold Day," and since he's my favorite wrestling personality ever, I'm all aboard.

Anyway, what better day to celebrate the greatest wrestler in the history of WWE (in my humble opinion) than on Stone Cold Day this year, since WrestleMania is looking like a stale dog turd. Sure, WWE has never been a complete package in terms of entertainment value like some other promotions have been or currently are, but at least when Austin headlined Mania, it felt a lot more special than this year's grin-and-bear-it coronation of Roman Reigns. Many people are commemorating by posting .gifs, Vines, and videos of Stunners. Some will post Austin chugging beers or flipping people off. Fewer will answer every question with the ubiquitous and monotone "What?" However, here at The Wrestling Blog, I would like to give to you this gift of Steve Austin lip-synching to one of America's greatest treasures.