Monday, March 30, 2015

More Details on Global Force Wrestling's Debut Events

The first shows have been announced
Graphics Credit: Global Force Wrestling site
Press release via WrestleChat

More news about Global Force Wrestling's proper debut have been released, and the big hook is that the first three shows will be television tapings. The shows will all emanate from the Orleans Arena on July 24, August 21, and October 23 of this year, all falling on Fridays. The curious thing here is that while the dates are all confirmed for taping, no television deal has been announced yet. Again, the end of the release says to keep watching for more details coming out, but I would think that an outlet for the end result of these tapings would be necessary.

Still, Jeff Jarrett, who spent last night live-analyzing WrestleMania at SB Nation, has proven in the last year or so that he's willing to be deliberate with the rollout of his new promotion. I hope that he's not taping with no net and hoping to shop the results around to a slew of networks that don't have any interest, but my guess is that the way wrestling is growing again, some network, whether big like Spike TV or smaller like one of the boutique sub-networks that are popping up, Jarrett has something lined up.

Slowly but surely, GFW is taking shape. Announcing television tapings is a bold move, but it seems to be one of a company that has some kind of vision and direction. While the man helming that direction doesn't exactly have the best track record creatively, at least he's inching and inching closer to being able to show whether his spots have changed or not.