Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The 2015 TWB Tournament of Champions, First Round: WWE Region Part 2

More suplexes, in poll form?
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Yesterday, the tournament kicked off with the first set of matches from the WWE region, and your winners are Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Randy Savage, and CM Punk. Today, the second set of tournament matches from the WWE region will take place. Time to get right down to it.

3. John Cena vs. 14. Brock Lesnar, TALE OF THE TAPE
CENA - 12x WWE Champion, 3x World Heavyweight Champion, 2x Royal Rumble winner, star of such cinematic masterpieces as The Marine and 12 Rounds, once spat with Wiz Khalifa and probably shouldn't have been allowed to do so

LESNAR - 3x WWE Champion, 2003 Royal Rumble winner, 2002 King of the Ring, UFC Heavyweight Champion, 2000 NCAA Champion, IWGP Champion, Lover of Jimmy John's sandwiches

6. Mick Foley vs. 11. The Ultimate Warrior, TALE OF THE TAPE
FOLEY - 3x WWE Champion, WWE Hall of Famer, TNA Champion, Only man to wrestle in one Royal Rumble match as three separate entities, Best-selling author, Owner of one-and-a-half ears

WARRIOR - WWE Champion, WWE Hall of Famer, Demotivational speaker

2. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. 15. Yokozuna, TALE OF THE TAPE
AUSTIN - 6x WWE Champion, 3x Royal Rumble winner, 1996 King of the Ring, WWE Hall of Famer, Only wrestling podcast on the PodcastOne network that isn't a giant pile of horse dung

YOKOZUNA - 2x WWE Champion, 1993 Royal Rumble winner, WWE Hall of Famer, Owner of most devastating leg drop in the WWE WrestleMania arcade game

7. Triple H vs. 10. The Undertaker, TALE OF THE TAPE
TRIPS - 8x WWE Champion, 5x World Heavyweight Champion, 2002 Royal Rumble winner, 1997 King of the Ring, Has married well

TAKER - 4x WWE Champion, 3x World Heavyweight Champion, 2007 Royal Rumble winner, Retired Shawn Michaels, Went 21-0 at WrestleMania through 2013, Has maybe not married so well