Friday, March 20, 2015

The 2015 TWB Tournament of Champions, First Round: ECW Region, Part 1

The rivalry that defined ECW for a year is rekindled
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Half the first round matches are over, so it's time to head to the second half, into the ECW Region. But first, the winners from yesterday's TNA action are AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Magnus (by one vote!), and Samoa Joe. Now, for today's action:

1. Raven vs. 16. Tommy Dreamer, TALE OF THE TAPE
RAVEN - 2x ECW Champion, TNA (NWA) World Champion, 27x WWE Hardcore Champion (a record), Is probably smarter than you

DREAMER - ECW Champion, both real and "WWECW," Hardcore Hall of Famer, Once said a bad word at a Chikara show

8. Mike Awesome vs. 9. Masato Tanaka, TALE OF THE TAPE
AWESOME - 2x ECW Champion, FMW World Independent Champion, Set off the most surreal set of title switches in pro wrestling history when he signed with WCW

TANAKA - ECW Champion, 2x FMW World Independent Champion, first ever NEVER Openweight Champion, Called the "True Man of Summer" because I think he really like's Bell's Oberon? I got nothin'

4. Terry Funk vs. 13. Steve Corino, TALE OF THE TAPE
FUNK - 2x ECW Champion, NWA World Champion, WWE/WCW/NWA/Hardcore Hall of Famer, Will more than likely be wrestling years after his death

CORINO - ECW Champion, NWA World Champion, Will be skipping baseball season this year

5. Sabu vs. 12. Jerry Lynn, TALE OF THE TAPE
SABU - 2x ECW Champion, Hardcore Hall of Famer, Wants you to smell his moustache

LYNN - ECW Champion, Hardcore Hall of Famer, 2007 Super 8 Tournament winner, IWA-MS Championship, ROH World Champion, Always business up front and party in the rear