Monday, March 23, 2015

The 2015 TWB Tournament of Champions, First Round: ECW Region, Part 2

The Living Dangerously '98 classic match is revived here in the Tournament of Champions
Photo via courtesy of Pro Wrestling Illustrated
After a weekend away, the tournament rolls on with more first round matches from ECW. But first, I will announce the winners from Friday, and they are Raven, Masato Tanaka, Terry Funk, and Sabu. Now, for today's matches:

3. Taz vs. 14. Bam Bam Bigelow, TALE OF THE TAPE
TAZ - 2x ECW Champion, Creator of the FTW Championship, Decorated color commentator, Somehow has a successful podcast, Most fearsome Oompa-Loompa in history

BIGELOW - ECW Champion, Owner of the bitchinest tattoos in wrestling, Once carried a coked-up ex-football player to a competent WrestleMania main event

6. Shane Douglas vs. 11. Rhino, TALE OF THE TAPE
DOUGLAS - 4x ECW Champion, In-kayfabe founder of ECW, Hardcore Hall of Famer, NWA World Champion, XPW (snicker) Champion, Not a teacher

RHINO - Final non-WWE ECW Champion, TNA (NWA) World Champion, Has best spear in wrestling despite being not much taller than Taz

2. Sandman vs. 15. Jimmy Snuka, TALE OF THE TAPE
SANDMAN - 5x ECW Champion, Hardcore Hall of Famer, XPW (snicker) Champion, His entrance from 1997's November to Remember is still ongoing

SNUKA - 2x and first ever ECW Champion, WWE Hall of Famer, Otherwise loathsome human being

7. Justin Credible vs. 10. Mikey Whipwreck, TALE OF THE TAPE
CREDIBLE - ECW Champion, Wore a jockstrap on his head

WHIPWRECK - ECW Champion, Trained Zack Ryder and Matt Striker, Is responsible for Zack Ryder and Matt Striker being in wrestling fans' lives