Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The 2015 TWB Tournament of Champions, Second Round: WCW Region

DDP and Sting will be facing off in today's matchups, and hey, Flair has a match too!
Photo Credit: WWE.com
The second round comes to a close today with the WCW Region, but before, it's time to recount the winners from the ECW Region: Raven, Terry Funk, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Sandman. WCW will now take center stage, even after Triple H did his best to continue WWE's ongoing burial of a 14-year dead promotion. IT STILL LIVES IN HERE *points to where heart is on chest*

1. Ric Flair vs. 8. Booker T, TALE OF THE TAPE II
FLAIR - 243 lbs., from Charlotte, NC, finishing hold - Figure Four Leglock, The Nature Boy

BOOKER - 256 lbs., from Houston, TX, finishing hold - The Bookend/Harlem Hangover/Axe Kick, King Booker

4. Dusty Rhodes vs. 5. Big Van Vader, TALE OF THE TAPE II
RHODES - 272 lbs., from Austin, TX, finishing hold - The Bionic Elbow, The American Dream

VADER - 450 lbs., from The Rocky Mountains, finishing hold - The Vader Bomb, The Mastodon

3. Lex Luger vs. 6. Goldberg, TALE OF THE TAPE II
LUGER - 275 lbs., from Chicago, IL, finishing hold - the Torture Rack, the Total Package

GOLDBERG - 285 lbs., from Atlanta, GA, finishing hold - The Jackhammer, the Man

2. Sting vs. 7. Diamond Dallas Page, TALE OF THE TAPE II
STING - 250 lbs., from Venice Beach, CA, finishing hold - Scorpion Death Lock/Scorpion Death Drop, The Icon

DDP - 248 lbs., from the Jersey Shore, finishing hold - The Diamond Cutter, The Original People's Champion

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