Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Cloud of EEEEEEEVIL Hangs over Chikara

The Nightmare Warrior owns the UK
Photo via Chikara's Facebook

Chikara's UK tour has concluded, and it could certainly be described as eventful, surprising even. Of course, the promotion was making waves in not only a new region, but a new country. Given the international influx of fans who have come over for events like King of Trios in the past, the demand has always been there, but for many British fans, traveling across the Atlantic for rasslin' just isn't feasible. They got four chances to see the best wrestling promotion in the world, and Chikara didn't just give them a bunch of wrestling exhibitions either. Those fans got to see history.

For only the second time in its history, the Chikara Grand Championship changed hands. Icarus, who had held the title for almost a year, dropped it to fellow Chikara lifer Hallowicked in the main event of the final show of the tour, Afternoon Delight, held at The Garage in London. Chikara shows on Mondays, or really any day except for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, are rarities, but the English were celebrating a Bank Holiday. Their day off got to be 'Wicked's crowning achievement. If this had happened a year ago, it might have sparked good feelings and happiness throughout the Chikaraverse, but now, his reign comes with a pall of terror. The Eye of Tyr awakened a great evil in him and his cohort Frightmare, and now, winds of desolation and despair blow across the landscape as he returns home Champion.

If you would like to read an account of yesterday's show, then I suggest you head over to The Only Way Is Suplex to read Carrie Dunn's recap of the show. It's a heartfelt account of a person experiencing Chikara for the first time, and really, anyone who experiences magic like that and is compelled to write about it deserves your attention.