Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Second Philadelphia Show Has Been Announced for NXT

Philly to get TWO dates of this now
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NXT tickets went on presale today for the Philadelphia tour date, Thursday May 14 at the Tower Theater in suburban Philadelphia, and apparently, the response was so immense that a second date was announced for the day after on Friday May 15. Tickets for that show will indeed go on sale the same time as the Thursday show's regular on-sale date, and that's this coming Friday. However, a presale will happen on the Live Nation site for those tickets tomorrow at 10 AM.

Reports state that the presale allotment for the first show sold out in less than an hour, which is not surprising given how much of a wrestling hub AND a smark-ass town that Philly is. If you add in people traveling from other metros (which is not shocking given how close Philly is in proximity to New York and DC), the demand was gonna be high. My guess is WWE officials had the second date on retainer in case of a monstrous presale, and lo and behold, it happened.

It will be interesting to see how other venues shake out in terms of demand. If you remember, both Cleveland and Columbus flocked to the box office to glom up tickets for the Arnold Classic shows. Albany doesn't seem like a strong WWE hotbed, but it is a close central location for Boston, New York, and Buffalo/Rochester. Pittsburgh and the return dates to Ohio ought to sell huge too. These shows are almost guaranteed to be a precursor to something even bigger for NXT, which again, is manna from  heaven if you're a fan and possibly a death sentence if you're an indie promoter. Stay tuned.