Wednesday, April 15, 2015

¡Acabar Con Él!

Photo via @brandon120

Mortal Kombat has been a staple in fighting game lore for over 20 years now, and the latest edition hit the stands this week. The series has been known for comically over-the-top gore and a collection of characters who both exemplified a grotesque darkness and yet a belying whimsy. Hm, what wrestling promotion does that sound like... oh yeah, Lucha Underground! I guess that makes Pentagón, Jr. and Drago playing the game entirely appropriate.

Of course, if anyone on the roster resembled Mortal Kombat fighters, it's those two. I'm actually shocked that neither one has busted out the GET OVER HERE spear during a match yet, but then again, I've only watched like three or four episodes of the show so far. Still, I have to wonder, did they fight over who got to be Scorpion? I mean, both guys seem like they'd been sent directly from Hell to exact vengeance on a living target, right? But really, who on the roster is as cold and villainous as Sub-Zero? Maybe this comparison doesn't have the legs I thought it did. Still, the above picture is not only appropriate as heck, but it's way cool too.