Wednesday, April 22, 2015

All Red Everything Meets Spanky

The dawn of Super Worker™ Eva Marie is nigh?
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Eva Marie was hired as fodder for Total Divas, and the lack of readiness for anything wrestling related showed the moment she was shoved onto main programming. Her ability to run the ropes made Kelly Kelly's look perfectly cromulent for crying out loud. WWE kept trying to make fetch happen with her, but thankfully, the company realized she wasn't ready for prime time and let her simmer as a Total Divas-only personality until she got her house in order. Of course, WWE was at no great loss for trainers. Sara Amato, for example, has been working wonders with the NXT women down at the Performance Center, and recently, WWE brought in Brian Kendrick as a trainer. He ended up taking Eva Marie under his wing, and she's seemingly been putting her nose to the grindstone. Then yesterday, she posted the following video, which you can find after the jump, on her Instagram account.

Yes, it's only one MOVE, and it's not indicative of what she can do in a ring for an entire match now. And Instagram video isn't exactly the most nuanced thing to show prolonged improvement in a wrestler. That all being said, who thought seeing Ms. All Red Everything nearly botching lateral presses on the reg that she'd be able to do a springboard tornado DDT? The fact that she's not only getting to work with a trainer like Kendrick but is also taking it seriously and seeming to be improving is a fantastic sign. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but the day she gets to NXT as a foil for Bayley is an episode I won't miss.