Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Love Wrestling: Lucha Underground

Ivelisse and Son of Havoc are two of the biggest reasons why Lucha Underground is as hot as it is
Photo Credit: El Rey
Over the past few weeks I've binge watched Lucha Underground (all 24 episodes). All I can say is this is what I always wanted from wrestling: great matches, awesome characters, and reasonable character motivation. Week-to-week (or in my case hour-to-hour) this show has delighted and entertained the hell out of me. I can't even express how glad I am to be able to write something positive about wrestling.

Let me recap my favorite wrestling moment for you (hint: it happened at the 24th episode of this show). The underdogs were getting slaughtered. Their team consisted of a trio that had been fighting amongst themselves. They somehow qualified for the finals of the Trios Championship tournament. They beat two other teams in the triple elimination match for the trios title. Then they had to face the heel Crew. The team consisted of Son of Havoc, a lovable loser who had been there "from day one," his ex-girlfriend, the fiery and indomitable Ivelisse, and Angelico, a misfit, lazy loser from South Africa whose treatment of Ivelisse has made him a heel. He'ss able to get his ass whipped worse than Dolph Ziggler. The Crew were on top for most of the match. They are the paid goons of the evil promoter Dario Cueto, who excels in his role. Now, the sympathetic underdogs are getting their asses whipped. The Crew were kicking Ivelisse's ass after she had her knee give out on her (for real bro).

Then, this.

Hey WWE. That's what you call catharsis. You build characters and then pay off the motivations. Angelico  dove from height when his team was at its lowest ebb. The heels, egged on by the evil promoter, looked set to win. But then a heroic act allowed the faces to prevail.

I don't know about everybody here but I am gonna pretty much ignore WWE in favour of Lucha Underground. For goodness sake one of the episodes started with Aerostar perched on the top of the building trying to take inspiration from the heavens. Oh hell yeah! I don't know whether any of the above made sense. I suppose my euphoria at seeing a properly booked wrestling show has rendered me incoherent.