Friday, April 24, 2015

Let's Play Two, or Beyond Wrestling's Weekend Madness

You won't like her when she's... Scorned
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Beyond Wrestling is not a stranger to running shows at Fete Music on Sundays in Providence, RI. It's not even a stranger to running a doubleheader on a Sunday in Providence, RI. However, the promotion has never combined the two concepts and run headline-quality shows twice at Fete Music on the same day. That all changes this Sunday, as the promotion will be running two shows at its home venue. The early show, running at 2 PM local time, is called Scorned, and it has Kimber Lee adorning the poster. The later show begins at 6 PM, is called When Satan Rules His World, and it features Chris Dickinson on its promotional art. One does not need to have a degree in rocket surgery to figure out this duo of shows has grown from that incident. Just goes to show that if you want to work the marks in this day and age where everyone thinks they're "smart," you kinda have to play dirty.

Again, Denver Colorado (the man, not the place!) is no stranger to running two shows in a single day, but usually, the first show happens to be a shhhh, "secret" show in a more low-key venue like the NEFW Academy, or more recently, the RWA Chop Shop. It also tends not to have the big guest headliners coming in. Scorned has nothing low-key about it, not even if Low Ki happened to show up to start kicking people indiscriminately. The announced main event of the show, Steve Corino making his Beyond debut to battle Matt Tremont, sets the tone right away. Corino was known in Extreme Championship Wrestling for bleeding if someone looked at him the wrong way, and I don't think I've seen a Tremont match yet where he didn't tap a vein for some color. I would bring a poncho if I were sitting in the front row for this match. The other big match will pit the poster girl, Lee, against Pinkie Sanchez, who is Dickinson's running buddy in Team Pazuzu. If I were Sanchez, I would be praying to said mascot deity and hoping Lee doesn't rip his throat out and piss in the cavity.

Only four other matches have been announced for this show, including a potential show-stealer in AR Fox and "Speedball" Mike Bailey and a long-awaited singles match between former tag partners JT Dunn and David Starr. However, I would expect at least one surprise match, because that just seems to be how Beyond Wrestling rolls. If you're going to both shows, you will be able to cop a grilled cheese from Championship Melt between the cards, and believe me, you're going to want to conserve your energy.

When Satan Rules His World will be another high-intensity show, headlined by a match that is being BILLED as "Match of the Year." I would be skeptical of accepting any match with such a billing beforehand, but when the contest contains the Young Bucks going tete-a-tete with Shynron and Kitsune, known collectively as the Ninjas with Altitude, then maybe Colorado can get a pass for such ostentatious prognostication. Backing that match up will be the poster boy, Dickinson, getting himself into an "Anything Goes" match with Nick Fuckin' Gage. Gage, as you may or may not remember, just got done serving hard time. I'm not sure he's the guy you'd want to face off against in a no holds barred match. Additionally, Eddie Kingston tangles with Stockade, Team Tremendous does battle with War Machine, and the Hooligans and Tabernak de Team engage in a TAG TEAM HOSS FIGHT.

Ultimately, these two shows will not only end up standing on their own, but they will be a test run for later on in the summer. Chikara will be rolling into town July 26 for their Immaculate Election show. Beyond will be tacking on for a doubleheader, which wouldn't be the first time it's shared the building with another company for two shows in a day. However, I've heard rumblings of a TRIPLEHEADER going down that day, with two shows from Beyond and one from Chikara. My guess is if Scorned and When Satan Rules His World are successful enough, that escalation might not be too far out of the realm of possibility...