Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Richie Steamboat's Career Is Over

Sayonara, Richie
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Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat held an interview where he was asked about a few topics, one of which being the status of his son, Richie Steamboat. The younger Steamboat had been on the shelf for some back injuries, but rumblings of a comeback were being heard down the line. However, the Daddy Steamboat shot them down. The video can be seen after the jump, and the Richie Steamboat talk starts at around 2:22:

The news is sad, especially given that the younger Steamboat had shown some promise in Florida Championship Wrestling, the precursor to NXT as the WWE's developmental territory. His series of matches with Damien Sandow for the Jack Brisco Memorial 15 Championship were a treat to watch. However, as soon as someone can show promise in the business is the same instant that they can be fallen by injury. I hope that Richie can live life relatively pain-free (back injuries are a bear, I know from personal experience from myself and my father), and that he can find happiness now that he's not going to be able to follow in dad's footsteps.