Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Royalty Beckons Austin, TX

Ricochet is on his way to Inspire Pro... hey!
Photo Credit: Devin Chen
Steve O'Reno, former handicap match specialist and current Inspire Pro J-Crown Champion, was scheduled to take on East Texas/New Orleans indie standout Bu Ku Dao at the May 31 extravaganza In Their Blood II, but his challenger had to pull out for personal reasons. While fans of the indie scene in the area were undoubtedly disappointed, it gave Inspire Pro officials the chance to make not lemonade, but tartly delicious lemon bars out of the heaping pile of citrus life had heaped upon them. Instead of a one-on-one match, O'Reno is now booked in a four-way. The first opponent is reluctant member of the New Movement, Jiggle-O James Johnson. The second opponent is relative newcomer to Inspire Pro, Donovan Danhausen. And the third opponent? Well, some may know him as the Best of the Super Juniors. Some may know him as the current Lucha Underground Champion. He's a prince in one incarnation, but to everyone else, the man is a king.

Yes, Ricochet is coming to Inspire Pro Wrestling.

He's one of the hottest wrestlers in the world right now, and he's also arguably Inspire Pro's biggest "get" since opening its doors way back in 2013. Ricochet automatically elevates any card with which he's involved, and while I would pay extra money to see him and O'Reno take flight in a one-on-one matchup, having the extra bodies in this match isn't necessarily a bad thing. The four-way match is one that tends to highlight big spot guys.

Ricochet may be the biggest name added to the show yet, but he's far from the only reason to head on down to the Marchesa Theater at the end of next month. The first ever XX-Division Champion will be crowned in three-way action, as Jessica James, Athena, and eternal underdog Delilah Doom will vie to make history. Doom's number one fan, Angelus Layne will team up with Tim Storm to take on the invading Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan. Ricky Starks and Ray "Death" Rowe will throw hands to see who gets the next shot at the Inspire Pro Champion, but who will hold that belt? "Dirty" Andy Dalton will have his hands full, as ACH comes back to Texas to try and take the title. And the first ever Inspire Pro Champ, "One Man" Mike Dell will face a challenge from the cocksure Barrett Brown. This show was already loaded before the addition of the latest guest star.

But man, adding Ricochet to the mix elevates In Their Blood 2 from "must-see" to "goddamn stupid if you miss it." It's true, not everyone can make it to Austin, TX, and the Marchesa Theater can only hold so many people before it violates fire code. But you had best better keep your eyes peeled afterwards to either Smart Mark Video or Amazon to get you this show after it happens. Trust me, it's gonna be good.