Monday, April 27, 2015

Sara del Rey Featured in VICE

Look at Sara del Rey getting some shine from VICE
Photo Credit:
VICE Online

A little over a year ago, WWE profiled one of its trainers at the Performance Center, one Sara Amato. Of course, most devotees of the indie scene knew her better as Sara del Rey, the first ever SHIMMER World Champion and the intrepid performer who made waves in nearly every promotion that mattered across the land before taking residence to train the next generation of stars down in Orlando. It's one thing for an in-house publication to do a feature on her, but VICE, one of the most popular online outlets for pop culture (and sports) decided to run a feature on her, notably using her kayfabed indie wrestling name rather than the shoot name.

The article focuses on her goals and her students, but I found a few nuggets in there of interest. For one, Triple H had some quotes that indicate a more refreshing attitude towards women. Sometimes, he says and does things that make me fearful for the future of WWE, but other times, he says and does things that make me wish he was in charge already. This article was one of the latter. The second thing I noticed was that Trips sometimes brings del Rey on the road, and she has acted as a road agent before, and not just for the women either. I don't know exactly what that means outside of the fact that she's held in pretty high esteem, but it's a cool little tidbit anyway.

del Rey is quoted that her goal is to see her trainees headline a pay-per-view someday. That goal would have been tortuously implausible about two or three years ago, but the performances of women such as Paige, Emma, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and others during prolonged NXT showcase matches plus the increase in time and attention given to Divas matches on the main roster indicate that future may not be as far off as once thought. I wouldn't hold my breath as long as Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn are still around, but at least the hope is no longer impossible, eh?