Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The 2015 TWB Tournament of Champions, Sweet 16: WWE and TNA Regions

They face off again in poll form
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The second round is finished, and the Tournament of Champions has moseyed on into the third round of hot, hypothetical man-on-man rassle action.

Before getting into said Sweet 16, I will recount the winners from yesterday's WCW regional second round action. They are Ric Flair, Big Van Vader, Goldberg, and Sting. Now, with the third round here, two regions will be knocked out a day, so it's time to decide the regional finalists for both WWE and TNA:

WWE: 9. Bret Hart vs. 4. Randy Savage, SCOUTING REPORT
HART - He's not called the "Excellence of Execution" for nothing. His training at his family dungeon prepared him for grueling battles by being technically superior to any and all potential opponents. He can counter out of any hold, and he works seamlessly towards applying his signature Sharpshooter. Beware his infamous "Five Moves of Doom."

SAVAGE - Savage is as eccentric in the ring as he is out of it. While he's known for his aerial pyrotechnics, whether the flying double axehandle or his finishing elbow from the top, the Macho Man's bread and butter has been brutal and vicious attacks, especially to the throat. Whether legal with his lethal stun gun or illegal using the ring bell, Savage knows that if you can't breathe, you can't wrestle.

14. Brock Lesnar vs. 2. Steve Austin, SCOUTING REPORT
LESNAR - Brock Lesnar is a physical anomaly. He has the size of a football offensive lineman, but he has the agility of a man two weight-classes down. His relentless attacks with his massive hamhocks attached to his wrists is surpassed only by the one-way tram car to Suplex City of which he is the conductor. However, if you can somehow lure him to the top rope, you can possibly get him to break his own neck on a shaky shooting star press.

AUSTIN - Austin defies all convention. He's actually one of the most skilled technicians in wrestling history, but he eschews trading holds for scrappin' like every match is a bar fight. He doesn't care if he's the biggest dog in the fight, he won't back down and usually ends up getting his way, especially with his dreaded equalizing finisher, the Stone Cold Stunner.

TNA: 1. Kurt Angle vs. 5. Bully Ray, SCOUTING REPORT
ANGLE - Angle won the 1996 Olympic Gold with a broken freakin' neck, so you know that his physical bona fides are beyond reproach. If it has four limbs and a pulse, he can outwrestle it. He will put any opponent on the mat, and if you get caught in his ankle lock, you're not going to be able to walk.

BULLY - Bred in Hell's Kitchen, Bully Ray can take a punch and give it back threefold. No other competitor left in the tournament may fight as dirtily as Bully Ray. One could say he doesn't need to take shortcuts, and that person would be right. Few brawlers are as tough as Bully. But when he can kick your ass without help AND is willing to fight dirty? Well, that makes Bully Ray a favorite in any fight.

3. AJ Styles vs. 7. Samoa Joe, SCOUTING REPORT
STYLES - The Phenomenal One didn't get his nickname from false hype. Few wrestlers who fit the "Jack of All-Trades" moniker can do all those things as well as Styles. He soars through the air, can drop 'em on their heads with the best of them, and even has added submission grappling to his repertoire. And if all that wasn't enough, his lightning-quick Pele kick can work as a quick equalizer.

JOE - No one strikes harder than Samoa Joe. No one. His chops and kicks will leave welts on any opponent, no matter how hard they are. He could probably pierce armor with his strikes, and his corner boot scrapes will turn a man's head around. And if the strikes don't kill you, the array of deadly submissions will.

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