Monday, April 6, 2015

The 2015 TWB Tournament of Champions, Final Four

A fine final four indeed
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The final four competitors in the Tournament of Champions have been decided, and they are the winners from Friday's action. The winner of the WWE region is the second seed, Steve Austin. The TNA region winner is the third seed, AJ Styles. From the ECW region, the fourth seed Terry Funk was the winner. And finally, the only top seed to make it out of his bracket came from the WCW region, Ric Flair. The up-to-date bracket is below, after the jump:

And now, the time has come to decide who will make the final matchup in the 2015 TWB Tournament of Champions.

WWE 2. Steve Austin vs. TNA 3. AJ Styles
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin has a resume a mile long for a career that was cut short by injury. Still, he made marks in several major promotions, including three of the promotions represented in the tournament. However, does that resume include conquering Japan? AJ Styles may not have the time on top in America under his belt, but the man has surfed across the Pacific and held New Japan Pro Wrestling hostage. The current IWGP World Heavyweight Champion vs. the most decorated WWE Champion of the Attitude Era. Let's do this.

ECW 4. Terry Funk vs. WCW 1. Ric Flair
Funk and Flair are actually no strangers to each other. They feuded famously in 1989 WCW, where Funk piledrove Flair through a table before that practice became somewhat commonplace. Their rivalry is rekindled here. Flair has World Titles strewn across decades. Funk has longevity, toughness, and innovation in the hardcore arts. Who will win this epic encounter?