Monday, April 27, 2015

The Devil's Favorite Turkey

You can't make this shit up
Photo Credit: ProWrestlingMag on Twitter

He's been a dentist, a Kevin Nash cosplayer, a burn victim, a brother to the Undertaker, son to Paul Bearer, necrophiliac, horror movie star, on-and-off Big Show tag partner, Director of Operations, and staunch libertarian, but now you can add bowler to Kane's resume. Thanks to the folks at Pro Wrestling Mag who found this tasty bit of info, Kane has started his own bowling team. He's even named it Kane's Fire Strikers, which is about the lamest yet most appropriate name for a team headed up by the Devil's Favorite Demon.

Of course, now that I know that Kane is a pin jockey, I need to know how good he is. Has he ever bowled a 300? And if so, does he do the flaming pyro thing that he does when he enters the ring? Does he actually use the alley's rental shoes? WAS HIS BALL FORGED AND SHAPED IN THE FIRES OF HELL? Either way, Kane continues to be the gift that keeps on giving, which will always make him relevant, no matter what mean people who tweet stuff to the pre-show Social Media Lounge might think...