Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Fresh Prince of... Bálor?

Yo holmes, to... Bálor?
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Well, RavenCyarm has done it again. This time, the YouTube genius has found the perfect wrestling-related mash-up, two songs that go a bit too perfectly together. On one side, the theme song for Finn Bálor, the melodiously evil "Catch Your Breath." On the other side, pre-Scientology Will Smith rapping the theme song to the show that launched his acting career, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. When they're put together, they sync up into harmonious glory.

Of course, the synergy between the two pieces of music is purely coincidental, or is it? A popular theory surrounding the show is that Smith's character Will died in that playground fight, and that the entirety of the series takes place in the afterlife. The journey to Bel-Air was really his crossing into heaven, and the reason why his parents rarely visited is because those visits were them coming to his grave. What if that theory is correct, and using the powers of precognition, the crew wrote a theme song that would sync up perfectly to a character who has a DEMON as an alter-ego? I AM ONTO SOMETHING, AND IT'S NOT MESCALINE ADDICTION! Anyway, enjoy the damn mash-up: