Friday, April 10, 2015

You Will Never Forget the Name... Fletcher Cox?

Yep, that's Goldust on that muscle car
Photo via Fletcher Cox on Instagram

So, some folks have a saying, "Real recognize real." It's a self-explanatory saying, and if you were to look it up in the phrasebook, the above picture would be plastered under the entry. Fletcher Cox, stalwart defensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, recognize Goldust enough to adorn his muscle car with the Bizarre One's likeness. Of all the things I expected to see yesterday retweeted from Philadelphia's own curator of strange and unusual happenings on Twitter, Dan McQuade, I didn't think I'd see maybe the best player on the Eagles defense posting up with Dustin Rhodes' glitzy alter ego on his whip. Then again, it makes sense.

I don't know how well Cox is known outside Philadelphia, because he plays a mostly anonymous position. The glamour positions on defense are edge rusher or cornerback or middle linebacker. But defensive tackle, especially in a 3-4 scheme, can be a thankless spot. He takes up the middle of the line in attempting to free up guys on the outside like Connor Barwin. He's integral in the run game. He gets his helmet knocked more than anyone else on the defense. He's the motor of that unit, no matter who pays him tribute.

Of course, Goldust isn't exactly workmanlike in his presentation. The gimmick is all about Hollywood excess and letting one's freak flag fly proudly in the breeze. However, how acclaimed is Goldust for being perhaps one of the best in-ring workers of all-time? The support may or may not be there, but I doubt outside of a few hardcore circles that he gets appreciated for his matches first and then his bizarre gimmickry second. Still, whether or not they're both gritty lunchpail types, Cox and Goldust are both two of the best at what they do, which means maybe it's not too surprising to see Cox drawn to Goldust as an avatar for his muscle car. Like was posted above, real recognize real.