Friday, May 15, 2015

Hit Me (with the Zig Zag) Baby One More Time

Is Dolph Ziggler a slave for u? (u being Britney Spears)
Photo via @HEELZiggler
Britney Spears is enjoying somewhat of a career renaissance thanks to tweens who listened to her way back in the halcyon days of the turn of the latest century discovering this thing called "disposable income" and that she's gotten her life together after that bout of erratic behavior in the mid-Aughts. She currently is doing a residency at Planet Hollywood called "Piece of Me" in Las Vegas, and she happened to have a guest at last night's show germane to the interests of this here web log. Yep, Dolph Ziggler got his ass on stage and in his words, allowed his "boo" to finally get a piece of him last night.

Of course, Ziggler is no stranger to glitzy nostalgia, although his current fashion oeuvre reaches back further than Spears' heyday of baggy jeans and plain white t-shirts. These days, he looks like he's about ready to join Cobra Kai Dojo and challenge Daniel LaRusso to mortal karate battle. Friend in Real Life Tom Kingsmill says he looks like he just walked out of a Bruce Springsteen video most nights. But either way, I'm glad he got to have a little fun last night, and if people who've seen his standup comedy routine are correct, at least he didn't get on stage and make people uncomfortable with terrible jokes.