Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's Time for Carolina to Shine

Be prepared to see more of these three and their Carolina peers free on YouTube
Photo Credit: Devin Chen
CWF Mid-Atlantic has been a fixture on the Southern indie scene for 15 years. It burst into the Northeastern consciousness on National Pro Wrestling Day in 2013, and then recently, it got shouted out on WWE dot com when two alumni of the promotion were signed. Now, it will be launching a show on YouTube for free to bring its brand of top-line indie wrestling to the world at large. On May 20, CWF Worldwide will make its grand debut. The show will feature both first-run footage as well as some classic matches from the promotion's history.

North Carolina has been gaining a lot of notoriety in the last few years for good reason, and CWF Mid-Atlantic, along with Pro Wrestling Xperience and the resurgent OMEGA, has been at the forefront. Wrestlers like Cedric Alexander, Andrew Everett, and Trevor Lee, who have all made impacts in various promotions around the country, have set the stage for their brethren, and now the rest of the state gets a chance to show off. Stuff like this is part of the future of wrestling distribution. Get in on the ground floor now, especially from a promotion that has a lot to offer.