Monday, May 11, 2015

More Names Join the Force, Including the Biggest Non-WWE Act in America

The Bucks are joining the force
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Last week, Global Force Wrestling rolled out some names for its inaugural roster, including Chris "Masters" Mordetzky, PJ Black (Justin Gabriel), and Moose. Today, the company released a video that announced several new names, although only as pictures blanking past at high speed during the actual video, which you can find after the jump:

I was able to make out several of the wrestlers either on my own or with help from the kind Twitterati, although I didn't get all of them. Some of the faces were already announced: Masters, Black, Lei'D Tapa, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, and Moose among them. The other wrestlers I was able to identify are below:
  • Chuck Taylor - Arguably the best comedic wrestler in the world right now not named Grado, Taylor seems like the kind of wrestler who'd fit right in on a televised wrestling variety show. I never thought he'd sign with any company bigger than Chikara or Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, but as long as he's allowed to be him, he'll be a worthy addition
  • Sonjay Dutt - Dutt brings along connections from TNA, and while he's a bit long in the tooth for an indie guy, he should still be an exciting addition to the roster, especially in the junior heavyweight division.
  • Jimmy Rave - Rave is another long-time indie scene vet who's seen his share of action in Ring of Honor and TNA. He's kept mostly to the Southern indies lately, but he's a strong hand who should provide some veteran moxie to the roster.
  • Tyrus/Brodus Clay - I still think Clay got a raw deal from WWE, not building upon his Funkasaurus character to the point where he could become an institution and a cornerstone to attract kids to the company's fanbase. It'll remain to be seen whether GFW utilizes his talents to bring in the young'uns, or whether he'll be a monster enforcer like he was at the end of his WWE run and while in TNA as Tyrus.
  • Jigsaw/Rubix - While I've enjoyed Chikara since its return more than most people, Jigsaw has been, pardon the pun, the missing piece to make the company complete. That he'll be getting another look from a televised promotion is a huge deal, and I'm hoping he is able to take off from it.
  • Cliff Compton/Domino - Compton is another guy whose talents WWE didn't particularly know how to utilize. He was given the out-of-place greaser gimmick and then poof, he was gone once that failed. Listening to him on the Art of Wrestling lends me to believe that he could be a steady hand if he's allowed to be himself, and while his ceiling isn't sky high, he can still be a middle of the road guy for a long time in the right setting.
  • The Young Bucks - This announcement is pretty much the best one GFW could have made. The Bucks are not only the best tag team in the Universe right now, they may be the biggest act not currently signed to WWE in America today. No brainer.
The Bucks obviously are the money name here, and Friend of the Blog Joe Roche said it best. Their announcement also "strikes me as a company not recognizing how amazing the Young Bucks are." They should have been front and center, even if they're not exclusively signed to the company and are working as freelancers. But the fact that they're aboard may speak volumes about how Jim Cornette will be utilized within the company. I doubt the Bucks would come aboard for a company that is booked by Ol' Terminal Red Face, which could be good or bad news depending on how much of a fanboy one is for Smoky Mountain Wrestling. I'm hoping that more women are announced soon, and that the next couple of tag teams announced aren't just New Japan teams imported over. I could get a NJPW World subscription and see series of matches with the Bullet Club, Bucks, Killer Elite Squad, and RPG Vice (which another person pointed out might have been one of the teams, but I couldn't confirm visually). Either way, I doubt Jeff Jarrett is done roster building by a longshot.