Monday, May 4, 2015

No Demon Is S-A-W-F-T

Photo via Finn Bálor's Instagram
Yes, the above pictures Enzo Amore, Finn Bálor, and Big Cass reenacting the "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" monkeys. It's not the first time Bridge-and-Tunnel (™ButchCorp) and the former Prince Devitt have teamed up for Instagram shenanigans. In fact, a good portion of the NXT locker room seems to be tightly knit, but if social media photography is any indication, the Noo Yawk Boyz have bonded a little more closely with the latest Irish import to make his way into WWE. Honestly, teaming up Bálor with Amore and Cass wouldn't be the worst idea either, as long as neither entity assimilated the other into its gravity, in that sometimes, friendship between dissimilar parties can be a good thing. Kinda like how Hulk Hogan never had to emulate a, ahem, son of the soil to be seen with Hillbilly Jim.

Of course, the current #1 contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championships actually made some hay on Twitter regarding their catchphrase.

Honestly, I'm surprised this meeting of brand and ambassador didn't happen sooner. I'm not one who fawns when corporations get free help, but I do like seeing folks I like getting paid that cabbage. Amore and Cass getting sponsorship dollars from a toilet paper company is long overdue. Obviously, being followed on Twitter doesn't mean the company wants to give the two money, but at this point, who'd lose in a sponsorship deal between the two parties? Give the boys some of that sweet two-ply cash, Cottonelle.

As for the other party in that picture, Bálor had himself an eventful last few days as well. He was left without a tag partner for Friday night's NXT house show, and he searched, scoured even, for someone to take his side. That is, until he found someone just shaking his ass about backstage">

Yes, the founder of the Bullet Club teamed with a member of one of the groups the renegade stable pays homage to over across the Pacific. Gunn, off course, is one of the trainers at the Performance Center, and he's also probably a road agent for the NXT house show circuit. Either way, it's another bit of wrestling serendipity that NXT seems to be good for.

And in one last bit of NXT news, the black sheep, the RAGEMAN, the guy whose presence on NXT television has been a bane for all its viewers, Alex Riley will be put on the shelf with a knee injury. I know everyone is just devastated at that news.