Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Owen Steen Watching His Daddy Tangle with His Favorite Wrestler

Kevin Owens' son watched his dad go to work against JOHN CENA
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Kevin Owens if anything wears his fatherhood on his sleeve, and as a fellow proud dad, I know how he feels. His family is such a big part of him that he's even woven it into his dastardly destroyer without ruining his mystique at all. However, his oldest child, son Owen Steen, does not consider daddy his favorite wrestler. That honor goes to John Cena, and lo and behold, daddy's first day at the new office saw him go up against that guy. Everyone watching at home got goosebumps, but I doubt anyone, and I mean anyone, had a reaction similar to what Kevin Owens' son had:

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If you can't be extremely happy for that kid watching his father live the dream, I don't know what material your heart is made out of. It certainly isn't flesh and blood though.